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                             Still, have library books from last year????


We are making arrangements for returning borrowed books from last year.  In the meantime please gather up books and put them in one spot.  When we are able to go back to school in person I will let you know where to drop off your books (since you still have it why don’t you read it again!)                       

                                        Happy Reading Everyone!

Welcome to the Media Center


Goal of the Media Center

The goal of our library media center program is to provide students and staff with resources and skills needed to be good users of ideas and information.  We want our students to become life-long readers, and to have the desire to seek out new knowledge independently.  We acquire and maintain a balanced collection of library resources, covering a wide range of interests and reading levels.


Purpose of this Webpage

This webpage was created to help the students, staff and parents of Jefferson Township Public Schools locate information and to know what materials are available to them through the media center.


Special Events

We have several special events throughout the school year. Check back to see what events are going on in your library!



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